Molba „Iustitia“ Udruge sudaca iz Poljske za podršku

Dear Colleagues, European Magistrates

For 5 years there is ongoing process of deterioration of legal system in Poland. The situation is getting worse each month. Polish authorities continue to openly abuse, harass and intimidate judges and prosecutors who are seeking to defend the rule of law. We also observe, that developments in Poland, encourage politicians in other European states to limit judicial independence in their systems. The ‘1000 Robes March’, which was held on January 11, 2020 in Warsaw proved, that we are one European Magistrate’s family. Fighting for Rule of Law in Poland, we fight for Rule of Law in the whole Europe. Hence we kindly encourage you to disseminate the attached letter to the European Commission among magistrates and associations which are your members.

The letter can be signed using the following link:

We are looking forward to your support
The President of Polish Judges Association
Krystian Markiewicz